Morning Stroll Along The Mediterranean

Pleasure Walking

The Best Way to Experience Europe!

WalkEurope's trips are designed to become part of your life's story!

We are all about having fun... NOT about strenuous exercise... nor laborious and exhausting hiking... nor arduous mountain trekking... OUCH!


We enjoy casual pleasure walks on flat terrain seeing Europe's renowned landmarks and spectacular landscapes... stroll along scenic seaside promenades... meander through Europe’s historic villages... roam through Europe's grand villas and lush gardens... saunter along country roads admiring panoramic vistas... and occasionally stopping for coffee, gelato and wine!


WalkEurope small group tours (limited to 15 persons) are for travelers to go at their own pace... organically experience European culture... engage with local residents... see Europe's beautiful sites... enjoy European cuisine... have personal time for individual interests, shopping and relaxing... receive personal customized service... and have a wonderful European holiday.


Group pleasure walks are organized before breakfast for those desiring some morning exercise before starting a terrific European vacation day.


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