Knowledgeable Local Guides, Personal Service,

Fun & Worry-Free Vacation!

Tom Harter, WalkEurope President

WalkEurope specializes in small group escorted specialty tours to explore and experience Europe for a fun-filled worry-free vacation!

All tours are personally designed and escorted by WalkEurope's founder & president, Tom Harter.


We stay in charming boutique and premiere luxury/signature hotels... take private tours with knowledgeable local guides learning about European culture and history... engage in local European life... enjoy local-cuisine meals... take cooking classes from celebrated chefs... and have wine tasting sessions with regional experts.


We visit Europe's renowned museums... tour Europe's grand palaces, cathedrals and villas... see famous UNESCO landmarks...  take archeological and architecture tours... visit Europe's spectacular parks and gardens.


Trips are structured to provide inspiring morning group excursions and activities... combined with personal time and flexibility for personal interests, shopping, and relaxation.


Each evening reservations are made at specially selected restaurants to enjoy delicious local-cuisine meals and immerse in local village/city life. Guests can choose to join group meals or dine on their own at recommended restaurants.


An optional early morning group pleasure walk is offered for travelers wanting to start their day with a before breakfast walk and experience Europe as it wakes up.


WalkEurope tours are limited to 15 guests... they are designed are for travelers to go at their own pace... to organically experience European culture...  engage with local residents... see Europe's beautiful sites... enjoy delicious European cuisine... have personal time for individual interests, shopping and relaxing. 

WalkEurope provides personal concierge service & support designed to for each guest to enjoy a wonderful worry-free European holiday. 

Join the fun and experience the splendor of Europe with us!


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