Travel Trend:

Pleasure Walking
Keeping Fit & Staying Healthy

Keeping fit... staying healthy... having new experiences and meeting new people... is a great combination for traveling and having a marvelous vacation!


WalkEurope trips are designed for travelers wanting to take a wonderful European vacation combined with getting some morning exercise by taking an optional before breakfast group pleasure walk to start their vacation day.


WalkEurope activities include taking private tours with local guides of Europe's top landmarks and sites... combined with strolling along promenades and paths by sparkling turquoise seas, along scenic mountain lakes, and quite waterways... taking walking tours through renowned European museums, palaces, villas cathedrals and gardens... meandering through narrow streets of historic European villages... sauntering through open air food and antique markets... ambling along tree-lined country lanes... walking to dinner and taking after-dinner evening strolls.


We enjoy savory European local-cuisine meals... taking cooking lessons and having meals with celebrated chefs... having wine tasting sessions with regional experts... and time for relaxation and shopping.


You will experience Europe from the ground level and engage with its people!